Tuesday, January 16, 2018

One more thing...

I'm happy to have new people join the Robin this year, but I need to have your contact information!

If you are a "no-reply" blogger and don't have an email address in your profile, then you need to include it in your comment...  Quiltyoga, this means you!



Sunday, January 14, 2018

Okay -- we're gonna do this!

The 2018 edition of the Cotton Robin will start... now!   Please see the side bar for important dates; the first one is March 1, which is the deadline for getting me your center block.

Your center block should be no bigger than 9"x 9" or 8" x 10" and can be smaller if you wish, or some other dimensions as long at it's not more than about 80 square inches, finished size. Your choice of block and fabric should reflect the sort of quilt you want at the end, although there are no guarantees!

Having said that, please pay attention to the project when you're choosing fabrics for the borders you're adding.  If it's all pink and purple, orange might not be the best choice.  If it's all pastels, maybe that's because the maker really wants a pastel quilt in the end, and you should try to honor that...

As before, please don't use any fabrics that can't be ironed or that will ravel a lot, or will cause problems for sewing/quilting (if you want an exception, contact me -- I approved one last year.)

I'm going to be more strict about fabric and such this year -- seems like every year someone adds a border that is pretty much un-quiltable!  One year it was lame' fabric that shredded and melted; last year it was a clever idea with fusible interfacing that felt like cardboard and made it very hard to finish the quilt.   So, if you use fusible, it must be very light weight.  Do not use any fabric that can't be pressed with a reasonably hot iron.  Do not use fabric that shreds when it's touched. 

Finally, please consider carefully whether you are going to be able to complete each round on time. If not, please don't sign up.  Sorry to be terse about this, but it's kind of a headache when I have to chase people down, and it's not fair to the other participants...

I have 8 people on the list so far; let me know if you want to join, and feel free to invite others who will be willing to follow the rules and whose sewing/quilting you can vouch for!

Happy New Year,


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Another round?

A few people have asked me whether there will be a 2018 edition of the Cotton Robin.   I'm thinking yes, but starting a little later this time -- maybe March instead of January...  

I'll make an announcement sometime after January 1.  Start thinking about whether you want to join in again.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Small Reveal

So, a little birdie suprised me in the post earlier this week - my quilt, which had a few detours and delays on the way, has finally come home to roost and isn't it lovely!  Many thanks to Elizabeth for finishing it off, Terri for the second border and...gosh, just realised I don't know who did the first border?

The second border, it's hard to see from this photo, it's a really interesting effect with a sort of cut-and-flip effect in the braid. Never done anything like it myself, so it's extra fun.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thanks for the fun!

Thank you for letting me play along with the Cotton Robin. The Big Reveal occurred while my husband and I were on vacation in mountains notorious for blocking cell signals. When we did have service, we checked in with family, so I was unable to keep tabs on the reveal. 

Wow! Some stunning little quilts have returned home. I am impressed with them all! I'll write a blog post later in the week but wanted to express my thanks for the fun and especially to Julie for hosting it. Though it must be stressful, you did fantastic work of it.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thanks Julie!

what beautiful results!  Love them all..mine is already hanging on my family room wall..love it..

The Big Reveal - 2017 Edition

Well, there's still one quilt missing, but the finisher has gone AWOL and won't communicate at all... I asked her to send me the unquilted top but got no response. Terri, if you have a photo of the top you sent to New Mexico, please send it to me.

I just need to throw in a small rant about "Blogger". Getting the photos in the format I wanted has proved to be impossible, so I apologize for any inconsistencies. Sometimes I could set them left and right in the same row, sometimes not.  Sometimes I could add a caption, sometimes not. Sometimes when I tried to add a caption the picture disappeared, and very often the ones I tried to position "left" came out "right".   Totally frustrating system!  Deep breath... and

Without further ado, here's the parade:

Allison's center block

quilt made by Julie, Liz and Laurina
Anne's center block
quilt made by Kate, Marie and Peggy

Cathy's center block

quilt made by Laurina, Mary and Liz

Christa's center block
quilt made by Liz, Nan and Mary

Diana's center block
quilt made by Marie, Rachel and Terry

Donna's center block
quilt made by Mary, Peggy and Marie

Elizabeth's center block

quilt made by Nan, Sandra and Rachel

Glen's center block (made by Julie)
quilt made by Peggy, Shannon and Sandra

Helen's center block

quilt made by Rachel and Julie (border and quilting)

Julie's center block
quilt made by Sandra, Susie and Shannon

Kate's center block -- the missing quilt!

Laurina's center block
quilt made by Sophie, Terry and Allison

Liz's center block
quilt made by Susie, Traceyann and Terri

Marie's center block
quilt made by Terri, Allison and Nan
Mary's center block

quilt made by Terry, Anne and Susie

Nan's center block
quilt made by Traceyann, Cathy and Anne

Peggy's center block
quilt made by Allison, Christa and Traceyann

Rachel's center block
quilt made by Anne, Diana and Christa

Sandra's center block
quilt made by Cathy, Donna and Diana

Shannon's center block

quilt made by Christa, Elizabeth and Cathy

Sophie's center block
quilt made by Diana, Glen and Donna

Susie's center block
quilt made by Donna, Helen and Elizabeth

Terri's center block

quilt made by Elizabeth, Julie and Glen

Terry's center block
quilt made by Glen, Kate and Helen

Traceyann's center block
quilt made by Helen, Laurina and Kate

Yay!  I got through another round of this insanity!  Hope you enjoyed the process and the reveal.